About us


Integrity in our work is paramount and we deliver what we promise. We will deliver what you expect.

Our People

Our people are the backbone and foundation of our success.  We have a diverse team with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience that continually enhance the organisations capability. Surun Services employs full-time personnel who work to our code of safety, quality and integrity.

Our team is committed to delivering each project on time and within budget – we excel on performance, quality and safety. Our team adopts a holistic approach to projects, ensuring that best practice is always applied.


Surun Services places the highest priority on safety. Our commitment to safety is an integral part of our daily operations at every level of the company. We have invested heavily in our safety systems, which have proven to be a successful tool for our dedicated management and workforce alike.

We are proud of our exceptional safety record and we make every effort to ensure that every member of our team adheres to our comprehensive safety policies and procedures through training and continual reinforcement.

Quality Assurance and Qualifications

Surun Services operates with a quality management system in accordance to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008. Application for ISO 9001:2008 is currently in progress.

Cable installation is done in accordance with Australian Standard: AS/ACIF S008:2006,3000:2007

All our data technicians hold ACMA opened licence.

Surun Services is committed to minimising the ecological footprint of our operations by pursuing environmentally sustainable practices in our operations.